Yes, we have a Student Referral Program! This gives us even more reason to offer you the best. We want you to join us and be the most successful because we are counting on you to grow our network. You can introduce us to your friends, your cousins, friends of friends, and of course family! If you know someone who is willing to move and study abroad for better study opportunities and better career options later in life, then make sure you do not miss mentioning them about S3 Education Consultants Ltd. for making dreams to study abroad become a reality!

We have interesting benefits that you can get through our Student Referral Program, while you help us guide other students and make their dreams come true, too. The Student Referral Program at S3 Education Consultants Ltd. is available for all our students, existing as well as our alumni. This means you can get our exciting benefits even years after you have completed your studies. Just make sure not to leave any chance of mentioning us to more potential students and enabling us to guide them as we guided you!

We love what we do! This is the reason we are always committed to giving our students the best, from counselling sessions on university and course selection to guiding them on filling forms and writing a statement of purpose, plus scholarship and financial assistance, we try to make every stage of admission a smooth and memorable experience for all our students. We want to continue doing this in better ways and therefore, we encourage our students to stay connected and share their experiences, too. By us guiding you and you helping us back through our Referral Program, we make sure that our network is always growing and our bond with students always getting stronger!
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